Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun in the Snow!

Today we woke up to a phone call from wonderful Lovena Jenkins informing us that due to snow, church has been cancelled. We looked outside, and this is what we saw:

It was so gorgeous! A foot of snow and snowflakes the size of silver dollars. My kids immediately set out for some fun. By 8:00 am my kids were all out looking for the best sledding hill in the neighborhood. They found a great one and built a ramp and a jump to boot. We had such a fun day!

Sammi really got into the snow:

I love snow days around here because since there is no snow removal, everything stops. The only thing there is to do is to go out in the snow as families. You play and play and play and really get the most out of the snow. Then, in a few days, it melts. It stay just long enough for you to enjoy it. Once the joy is gone, it also is gone. It is quite a nice arrangement. We've had such a great family day today. I love snow days.

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  1. I can hardly wait until we get a foot of snow! I hope tomorrow . . .