Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today Everett just cracked me up all day long. This morning, I was in his bedroom which we had cleaned together earlier and Everett was working hard building something at his tool bench, standing up, his back to me. I looked down and saw a pair of underpants on the floor--suspicious. I asked him if he was wearing any. He simply bent over, pulled down his pants, revealing a full moon, pulled them back up and went back to work. No flinching, no words, no looks, no acknowledgement. Too funny.

Later on, he told me that he is really hungry, but that I shouldn't worry. If he gets hungry, he'll just eat his buggers. He can be tough about that.

None of my other kids have been as excited about potty talk as Everett. I am correcting him all day long on potty talk and he is constantly trying to figure out where I draw the line. I told him that it is ok to say poop or pee pee or underpants or any of those words if he is really talking about them. If he is just trying to be funny, they are potty talk. Now, he always starts his potty talk with "I'm not joking around mom." And then proceeds with serious potty talk: "Cooper poopy pants eats underwear on his bottom!" Then he laughs and laughs.

Today he asked me about all kinds of words: "Is 'Wa' potty talk?"


"What about kleenex?"


"Toilet Paper?"



"Yes, unless you need to use the word, not just joke around about it."

"What about bottom for breakfast?"

"Yes, that is potty talk."

"Oh man!"

Tonight in his prayers, Everett thanked Heavenly Father that "our salad was so delightful tonight and that we could have so much broccoli to eat. Also, thank you for our bones and lots of sugar!"

He is growing up so fast. Just enjoying the fun of having a 3 year old while I've still got one! They are the best.

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