Saturday, August 7, 2010

A few stories to share

My kids all just ran upstairs and are playing superheroes nicely, so I thought I'd take advantage of the time to share some recent stories. We'll see how long I get here.

Everett's favorite thing in the world this summer is our vegetable garden. He goes out several times a day to check out how things have grown. He always comes running in the house yelling that there is a tomato on the bush! or there are flowers on our beans! or there are weeds in the corn! I love watching him watch the growing of the garden. There is something so symbolic about it, because I feel like I am watching him grow with the same excitement, enjoying the thrill of realizing he can buckle his own car seat! or he can read the word "sit"! or he is almost ready to ride a bike without training wheels! I love watching all my children grow and learn--especially to watch them learn to help each other.

Well, I'd better go. I've been interrupted about 22 times while I tried to write that last story, and now Everett is standing by me naked and crying, telling me the story of why he is crying (which I am not listening to yet), and Cooper is standing on the other side of me holding a superhero mask that he wants me to wear so I can be the bad guy for their game. Actually, while I was typing that, Cooper came over and asked Everett if he was crying because someone kicked him in the butt, which threw Everett into hysterical laughter because using the word butt because we don't say those words at our house due to a strict rule about potty talk. I thought I might be able to type a little more, but now Everett is back to me asking me to find his mask for him, and Cooper is standing here saying over and over, "When are you going to play with me mom? When are you going to play with me?" and shoving my superhero mask in my face. He has a pouty look. Looks like the mom is being called to duty again!

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