Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice Storm

Well, this snow storm has not quite melted as quickly as snow has in the past. In fact, it has not melted at all. It has become an ice storm. This is something new to me. Ice storm? What does it do? Rain ice? That is called a hail storm. I never did understand an ice storm. Until now.

An ice storm is when you have snow and then rain on top of the snow and then a quick drop in temperature, creating ice. Over everything. We went for an ice storm exploration hike in the woods by our house. Here are some of the resulting pictures:

Here, you can see the ice on a bush nearby. I couldn't get good pictures of it, but I saw branches with .5" of ice around them!

We discovered that you could peel the leaves right off the ice and get a sort of "leaf fossil!" Beautiful. We now have a bunch of prize ice fossils in our freezer. Here's our best picture of one:

Those ice fossils are really fragile. It took a lot of concentration getting them off with mittens on without breaking them!

We even were able to pull them off waist high grass, but they kept breaking before we could get a picture of them. Here's a remnant of one of them.

Gone are the days of sledding and snowball fights. There is a 1" layer of ice over everything now. It brings its own beauty, but some of the allure, I admit, is gone. Tomorrow is our 6th day in our house without leaving it. 200,000 people are without power and everything is closed. We've had a really great time. We've spent a lot of fun time together as a family; however, I can see how the situation here could be really serious if you were not prepared. (Don't worry, we've got plenty of food and get water from our own well and have a generator that can run our entire house if our power goes out. We're set!) Living in the rural Northwest is seriously so much fun. Stay tuned for the posts about the promised coming floods!

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  1. Ice fossils. Who knew? How wonderful that you can have a good experience in trying conditions. So glad to hear that you have a generator! Take care. Lots of love to each of you!